What a Small World!

Photo - Melissa and Jerry MccueIt’s amazing what a small world it is. I was doing Family Tree research, and I discovered that I had a 3rd cousin who lives near Jackson, MS, my wife’s hometown. I did some more research and discovered, unfortunately, he died late last year. I found a phone number for his ex-wife, and called to to verify that he was indeed my 3rd cousin. He was. She also gave me information about his children. I looked up his daughter on Facebook, Melissa Mccue, and noticed that we had a mutual friend. Our mutual friend is T.c. Myers. He is a friend of mine from when I first joined the Navy. He introduced me to Diane Shuler Scocchio 42 years ago. Our first daughters were born on the same day, in the same hospital! I’ve been trying to get hold of Melissa Mccue to talk to her about the family tree, but so far no luck. What a small world we live in!!!

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