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Welcome to The Scocchio Family Tree

I’ve created this Blog/Website so that I can share the information that I have on The Scocchio Family Tree.  It’s not just about Scocchio’s, it will also include Ficara’s, Lucarelli’s, Mauro’s, etc.  In the left sidebar you will see a pull-down menu for categories.  Each last name will have its own category.  Just select the category you’re interested in, and it will show all of the posts that have been assigned to that category.  Or, alternatively, just under Upcoming Events is a category cloud.  Just click on the name that you are interested in reading about.

At the top of the right sidebar you can subscribe to this website.  Once you do you will get an e-mail whenever I update the site.  I promise you, that’s the ONLY thing I will use your e-mail for!

Check out the Links!

Also in the right sidebar, just under the subscription area, there are 6 links.  The Scocchio Family Tree, The Shuler Family Tree, Ancestry.com, FindAGrave.com,  FamilySearch.org, and Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet.  Clicking on The Scocchio Family Tree will take you to my private site.  You have to be approved by me after registering, and I only approve family.  This site has a complete family tree for relatives to see.  Clicking on the Ancestry.com link should take you to my tree on Ancestry.com.  You might have to sign in to view it, but there is no charge to just have an account.  You will be able to see everything in my tree except for people who are still living.  If you want to be able to see everything just let me know, and I can send you an invitation that will allow you to see everything.

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FindAGrave.com is a site where I have created memorials for all of our relatives that have passed away, if I could find the information about where they are buried.  I have pictures of most of their headstones.  It’s a pretty interesting site, you should take a look.

FamilySearch.org is run by the Mormons.  They are great believers of family history, and they are trying to digitize all family documents all over the world.  An impossible job, but they are doing great.  They are continuously adding new information.


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