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The last few months I have made some fantastic discoveries.  It started when I discovered that my Great Grandfather, Giovanni Lucarelli, had a sister, Elisabeth Lucarelli Bellano, and she lived in Philadelphia, PA.  I had always wondered why my Great Grandfather would move from NY to rural Pennsylvania.  Back then an immigrant wouldn’t move to a place unless he/she knew someone there.  Well, it turns out that Elisabeth’s daughter, Giovanni’s niece, Luisa Bellano Vitelli lived in Colebrookdale, PA.  That must have been why Giovanni chose to move his family there.

You may recall from an earlier post, “New Discoveries“, that I was in touch with Nancy Lucarelli Leaming.  When we were talking she was telling me about a family in Colebrookdale that they would visit all the time, the Vitelli’s.  She told me they were cousins, but she didn’t know exactly how they were cousins.  This is how they were related, another mystery solved.

Giovanni’s wife, my Great Grandmother, Philomena D’Angelo, had a sister, Carmela D’Angelo.  She had two children (that I know of), Nicolo and Maria.  I was able to get quite a bit of information about Nicolo’s family, but not very much about Maria, except she married Domenico Greco.  I was also able to get the names of most of their children.  By chance last week I ran across a memorial on FindAGrave.com that had the obituary of one of the children.  That opened up the flood gates.  Sometimes all it takes is that one small piece of information that can lead you to so much more.  I was able to add approximately 30 people to that branch of the family tree.

I just updated the tree in this blog.  I have a total of 1,581 people in this tree.  Of course the only people who are visible are the ones who are no longer living.  Also, it takes too long to upload photos and documents to this blog.  If anyone is interested in seeing the whole story, with photos and documents, please take a look at the tree on Ancestry.com.

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