Spotlight – Giovanni Lucarelli

Giovanni Lucarelli and Grandchildren

Giovanni Lucarelli and Grandchildren

I’m going to try to spotlight various ancestors as I get the time.  First up, I would like to spotlight my Great Grandfather, Giovanni Lucarelli.

Giovanni Lucarelli was born about 21 Feb 1865 in Chieti, Abruzza, Italy.  About 1881, he married Philomena D’Angelo.  That would make him about 16 and Philomena 19 at the time.  I estimated that date because their first child, Nicolino, was born in 1881.  He sailed to the United States the first time on the S.S. Trave, departing Naples, Italy on March 21, 1901.  He was going to stay with his cousin, Angelo Lucarelli.  I don’t know how long he stayed, but he again sailed to the United States on April 2, 1908 from Naples, Italy, on the S.S. Republic.  He arrived at the Port of New York on April 16, 1908.  He must have been here until at least 1904 because that’s when his son, Nicolino, then 21, came over to stay with him.  Philomena and his daughter (my grandmother) came over in 1909.

They lived in the Bronx, NY, until around 1925, when they moved to Boyertown, PA.  At some point he bought a farm, but things didn’t go well, and he lost the farm.  I’m not sure if this happened before, or after, Philomena died in 1931.  After she passed away he moved back to the Bronx.  Nicolino and his family stayed in PA.  Giovanni contracted Pulmonary Tuberculosis, and died in St. Joseph’s Hospital in the Bronx on April 3, 1934.  He is buried in St. Raymond Cemetery in the Bronx.  Buried along with him are his granddaughter, Carmala Lucarelli, who was 1 when she died, and his Grand niece, Carmela “Millie” Alacci, who was 1 month when she died.

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