Someone Found Me!

Well, this is a first, and a very pleasant surprise!  For the first time a relative found me.  I created this blog as an easy way for me to keep the family updated on my discoveries.  John Paul “Sonny” Lucarelli, Jr.’s granddaughter, Toni Nimmerichter, found this blog and got in touch with me through the contact form on here.  Of course, I immediately wrote back because I was so excited.  Her mother is Robin Lucarelli.  There was one daughter John had that I didn’t have a name for.  It was Robin.  I sent Toni an invitation to see the tree on and, after she and her mom looked at it, she gave me some information that I didn’t have.  Armed with that information, and through the magic of, Google, and Facebook, I was able to fill in a large part of John’s ancester’s, along with pictures and dates.  Thank you Toni, for getting in touch with me!

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