Silvana Cornelio

This past week has been a veritable jackpot of genealogy discoveries for me.  First, I found Lillian Cremonese Maglione, the granddaughter of my great-aunt Marietta Scocchio, and Lillian’s son, Ed.  I’ve talked with both of them and we are keeping in touch.  Next, Silvana Cornelio, the granddaughter of my great-aunt Annina “Anna” Scocchia (she spelled her last name with an “a”), got in touch with me.  This was especially wonderful because I have almost no information on Anna.

In 1905 my grandfather came to America.  With him he had his sister, Anna, and their nephew, Guiseppe “Joseph” Cremonese, Lillian’s father.  How’s that for a coincidence.  A few months later Anna married Vincenzo Cornelio, and a few months later they moved back to Italy.  Until now, that’s all the information I had on Anna and Vincenzo.  Now that I’m in touch with Silvana I can finally start filling in more people and information on that branch of the tree.  Silvana doesn’t have much information on Anna, she is also trying to find more information, but she can help me fill in all of Vincenzo and Anna’s children.  Vincenzo and Anna had 11 children, but only 7 of them lived.  Once Silvana told me her father’s name I was able to find the obituary for her mother, and that provided me with all the names of Silvana’s brothers and sisters and their spouses.

Another reason I’m especially excited about this is, Silvana was born in Italy, and came to America when she was 15.  She still has relatives in Italy living in the area where my grandfather, and her grandmother, grew up, and where Anna lived until she died.  We’re hoping that those relatives can help us with the research.

I don’t have any pictures of Silvana or her family yet, but I’m sure they will be coming.  Those of you who know how much I like photos and documents can understand why I am so excited about this!

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