Robert Nicholas Colletti

In Memorium

Yesterday, my cousin, Bobby Colletti, passed away at his home near Richmond, VA.  He was just 2 months shy of his 75th birthday.  He leaves behind his mother, my aunt, Lucy Colletti, who turned 99 last May, his wife Francine, his daughters Jennifer Chandler and Julie (Brian) Carr, and a son, Marc (Mary).  He also leaves behind a sister, Barbara (Steve) Kerilla, and a brother, Edward (Joanne), 5 grandchildren, Andrew, Madelyn, Scott (Vania), Alexander, and Matthew, and many nieces and nephews.

Bobby was a great guy.  Jennifer, Bobby’s daughter, tells me that her son, Andrew, and Bobby were best buds.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see Bobby that often.  Our families are so spread out, it’s difficult unless we happen to meet at a large family affair.  The last time that we saw each other was two years ago, at my father’s funeral at Arlington National Cemetery.

My favorite memory of Bobby was a hunting and fishing trip we took around 1972.  Me, my father, Bobby, and Edward drove up to Canada for a week of hunting and fishing.  We stayed at a cabin on a lake.  We would fish most of the day, then hunt for black bear in the evening from a blind in a tree.  The fishing was terrible, we weren’t catching anything.  After 2 or 3 days, Edward and I had enough, but Bobby and my father stuck it out.  They were going to catch fish, by God!  We had a really good time up there.  Great memories.

Bobby, I am so sorry to see you go.  When you see your Dad tell him I said hi.  Also tell him I am keeping up his tradition, I have had each of my grandchildren say s***. 🙂

I don’t have very many pictures of Bobby, but what I do have I’ve put into an album, and here is the link: Robert Nicholas Colletti

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