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I just received an e-mail from my First Cousin, 1x removed, Domenica “Mimma” (Mauro) Chirico.  Her father was my maternal grandmother’s brother.  When I went to Italy in 1973, I met Domenica, and her twin sister, Teresa, when I visited Reggio Calabria.  I remember them very well because they studied English in school, and they were the only relatives in Reggio Calabria that I could directly converse with.  I was staying with my mother’s, and Mimma’s, cousin Gino.  He and I were constantly passing the Italian/English dictionary back and forth!

She provided me with so much information about our relatives in Italy.  I added over 100 relatives to the Family Tree!  She also provided me with the pictures below.  Thanks Mimma!


Domenica "Mimma" Mauro & Carmelo Chinni

Domenica “Mimma” Mauro & Carmelo Chinni

Carmelo & Ebe (Primavera) Mauro

Carmelo & Ebe (Primavera) Mauro

Filippo Mauro & Domenica Romanò

Filippo Mauro & Domenica Romanò

Franco Diano & Giuseppa "Pina" (Mauro) Diano

Franco Diano & Giuseppa “Pina” (Mauro) Diano

Pietro Mauro's Family

Pietro Mauro’s Family

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