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Lucia (Cremonese) Mallardi, Phil Degaltini's Great Grandmother.

Lucia (Cremonese) Mallardi, Phil Degaltini’s Great-Grandmother.

Well, not really a new discovery, but a new connection.  I was going through the family tree trying to find some new information.  One of the people in our tree is Philip Degaltini.  Phil’s grandmother, Lucia (Cremonese) Mallardi, was my father’s cousin.  On a whim I did a search on Facebook, and there were a few Phil Degaltini’s.  There was one in the Bronx so I looked at that.  My Phil had a wife named Barbara, so did this Phil.  My Phil had kids named Philip and Danielle, so did this Phil.  I looked through his friends and found members of his sisters’ families.  I knew I had found the right guy.  Then I sent my dreaded “You don’t know me, but we are related” e-mail.  I gave him the information that I had on his mother and great-grandmother.  I do this when I first contact anyone I find, because I’m sure the first thing that they think is, “OK, who is this guy, and what is he after!”  I know that’s what I would think if someone called me up out of the blue.

Phil called his mom, and she knew that we were cousins.  Phil e-mailed me back.  He and his sisters are going to be getting together sometime this month, and hopefully we can all talk.  I’m looking forward to it.  I love talking to new family members!

On a side note, right after I found Phil on Facebook, but before I e-mailed him I called my Aunt Lucy.  She will be 99 this year.  I asked her if she remembered Lucia Cremonese and she said, “Sure, my cousin Lucy.  Theresa (Phil’s mom) is her oldest daughter.  Lucy had 5 children.”  I was sitting at my computer looking at the family tree as she was telling me this.  It was as if she was describing exactly what I was looking at on my screen!  Aunt Lucy asked me how old I was now.  I told her 58.  She said, “That’s right, you were born in 1956.”  I asked her how she could remember that.  She said, “It’s easy, and your birthday is March 6th.”  That woman is absolutely amazing!

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