New Calendar Feature!

I’ve just added a Calendar to the website.  You can access it by clicking on the tab on top, right next to the Home tab.  I’ve gone through and entered all of the birthdays and anniversaries of people still living that I have on file.  Please look through it, and make sure that I’ve entered the correct information.  I am human, and I do make mistakes (I know, you don’t really believe it, but it’s true).  If there is any information missing, or incorrect, you can let me know through the “Contact Me” page.

On a side note, in some of the photo and document galleries, not all of the thumbnails show up.  I don’t know why yet, and I’m working with the authors of that feature to try to figure it out.  The image is available, just not as a thumbnail.  If you click on the empty space just above the title of that image it will bring up the full size image.

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