Lillian Cremonese Maglione

I was just in touch with a new relative, Lillian Cremonese Maglione.  She is the Granddaughter of my Grandfather’s sister, Marietta “Marie” Scocchio Cremonese.  Her son, Ed, got in touch with me through LinkedIn, and gave me his e-mail address and phone number.  Lillian called me last night and we had a great conversation.  She has a fantastic memory, she reminds me of my Aunt Lucy.  When my Grandfather immigrated to the United States in 1905 he traveled with his sister, Anna, and their nephew, Giuseppe “Joseph” Francis Cremonese.  He is Marietta’s son and Lillian’s father.  Lillian remembers, as a little girl, she and her father would walk over to my Grandfather’s house on University Ave. to visit.  She remembers everyone in the family, and she remembers sitting at the big dining room table with my Grandfather sitting at the head of the table and my Grandmother cooking.  I called Aunt Lucy this morning and told her I wanted to test her memory (she will be 99 on May 2nd).  I told her the woman I talked to last night was the daughter of Grandpa’s nephew that he brought over when he came to America.  The first question she asked was, “Does she live in California?”  I said yes, and she proceeded to tell me all about the Cremonese family, telling me some of the same things that Lillian told me the night before!  I wish my memory was that good now!

This is such a stroke of good luck.  As you all know I love finding new relatives.  Most of you probably also know that I love photographs and documents, and I have very little of those from the Cremonese side of the family, so I am looking forward to getting some.  I spoke with Ed again today through e-mail, and as he gets the time he will get me copies.  I can’t wait.  As I get picture I’ll post them on here.

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