The Scocchio Family Tree

Exploring Our Past

This section will be for those who are interested in learning more about genealogy.  I think it’s a fascinating subject.  In the past, to research your Family Tree, you had to spend hours at a library scanning microfilm.  If you were lucky enough to live in the same city where most of your relatives were born or died, you would spend hours at the courthouse researching those records.  With the advent of the Internet, all of that has changed.  You can do most of your research in the comfort of your own home.  Most states have most of their records digitized, or at least have an index of the documents that are available.  You can find what you need and, most of the time, order copies online.  The cost varies.  For example, copies of death certificates in Pennsylvania cost me $1 each plus a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Copies of death certificates in New York cost me $18.50 each.

One of the greatest resources out there is  It is free to join, but if you want to research records then a subscription costs you about $18/month.  If you’re serious about your research then it is definitely worth it.  Their database is amazing.  I have copies of passenger manifests from most of the relatives who immigrated to America.  They add information almost daily.  When I ordered the death certificates from Pennsylvania I got faded black and white copies. now has them online and I was able to download high quality color copies of the same certificates.

This is just a small taste of what is available out there.  On the video page I’ll have videos that I think are helpful and interesting.  As usual, if you have any questions or need help, just ask!

The New Scocchio Family Tree

I’ve renamed this site “The Scocchio Family Tree Blog”, and I’ve started a completely new site called “The Scocchio Family Tree”.  I will continue to use this site to publish information about the family,  post photos, recipes, etc., but I’ve moved the family tree to the new site.  The new site has the complete family tree (all 1829 individuals, and counting).  Right now the new site has all of the information that I have on everyone, but it doesn’t have all of the documents and photos yet.  That will take some time for me to copy everything over.

I dodn’t like the way the software I use on this site handled the family tree.  It is too difficult for me to add new information as I find it.  I’ve been looking for some time now for software I could use to post a family tree on the Internet, and keep it private, without everyone having to sign in to to look at the family tree.  I finally found it.  You can click on the link on the sidebar on the right that says “The Scocchio Family Tree”, or you can click here to go to the new site.  Once there, click on “Register for a User Account”.  This will send me a notification, and I have to approve the new user account.  The only people who will get approval, and access to the site, will be family.  When you click on Register for a User Account”, you will be taken to a form that asks for some information.  The only information that is required to be filled in is a Username, a Password, Your Real Name, and your Email.  The other information is optional.  The only person that will ever see this information is me.

I’m very excited about the new site.  I actually have all of the documents and photos on the new site, I just don’t have them linked to the people in the tree yet.  That will take some time.  I’ll get it done though.

Our First Centenarian!

Today, my aunt, Lucy (Scocchio) Colletti, turned 100!  On Saturday, April 28th, we had the rare privilege of being able to gather family and friends to help Aunt Lucy celebrate her 100th birthday.  It was such a wonderful day.  Aunt Lucy had a wonderful time.  I know she enjoyed having her immediate family around her, and she also enjoyed having her extended family and friends attend the party.  This was a special party, not only because Aunt Lucy was turning 100, but also because so many family and friends were able to gather together for a joyous occasion.

I can only speak for myself, but I loved most of all having the family all together.  I was able to talk with relatives I haven’t seen in years, and even meet the new additions to the family.  Aunt Lucy’s granddaughter’s, Jennifer and Julie, and their mom, Fran, did a fantastic job planning this party.  It was perfect.  They didn’t even try and make her blow out 100 candles!

Aunt Lucy Blowing Out Her Birthday Candles

Aunt Lucy Blowing Out Her Birthday Candles

Aunt Lucy had a great time talking with everyone, and watching her great-grandchildren run around and play.  This truly was a celebration of life.

One of the unplanned benefits of the party planning was having all of the out of town attendees stay at the same hotel.  With the exception of the time spent at the party, and time away from the hotel to eat, I spent just about all of my time in the lounge area of the hotel lobby talking with relatives.  It was a great way to get re-connected, and to get to know some of my relative that I barely knew.  Those of you who know me, and know how obsessed I am with the family tree, know how much I enjoy getting to know my relatives.

Aunt Lucy, you are amazing!  I am going to continue to call you when I have questions about the family tree, because I know you will always have the answer.  Your memory is amazing (while we were talking, Barbara asked Aunt Lucy what my birth date was.  Aunt Lucy told her, month, day, and year!)!  I am looking forward to your next birthday party!  I love you!

Updated Tree

The last few months I have made some fantastic discoveries.  It started when I discovered that my Great Grandfather, Giovanni Lucarelli, had a sister, Elisabeth Lucarelli Bellano, and she lived in Philadelphia, PA.  I had always wondered why my Great Grandfather would move from NY to rural Pennsylvania.  Back then an immigrant wouldn’t move to a place unless he/she knew someone there.  Well, it turns out that Elisabeth’s daughter, Giovanni’s niece, Luisa Bellano Vitelli lived in Colebrookdale, PA.  That must have been why Giovanni chose to move his family there.

You may recall from an earlier post, “New Discoveries“, that I was in touch with Nancy Lucarelli Leaming.  When we were talking she was telling me about a family in Colebrookdale that they would visit all the time, the Vitelli’s.  She told me they were cousins, but she didn’t know exactly how they were cousins.  This is how they were related, another mystery solved.

Giovanni’s wife, my Great Grandmother, Philomena D’Angelo, had a sister, Carmela D’Angelo.  She had two children (that I know of), Nicolo and Maria.  I was able to get quite a bit of information about Nicolo’s family, but not very much about Maria, except she married Domenico Greco.  I was also able to get the names of most of their children.  By chance last week I ran across a memorial on that had the obituary of one of the children.  That opened up the flood gates.  Sometimes all it takes is that one small piece of information that can lead you to so much more.  I was able to add approximately 30 people to that branch of the family tree.

I just updated the tree in this blog.  I have a total of 1,581 people in this tree.  Of course the only people who are visible are the ones who are no longer living.  Also, it takes too long to upload photos and documents to this blog.  If anyone is interested in seeing the whole story, with photos and documents, please take a look at the tree on

Someone Found Me!

Well, this is a first, and a very pleasant surprise!  For the first time a relative found me.  I created this blog as an easy way for me to keep the family updated on my discoveries.  John Paul “Sonny” Lucarelli, Jr.’s granddaughter, Toni Nimmerichter, found this blog and got in touch with me through the contact form on here.  Of course, I immediately wrote back because I was so excited.  Her mother is Robin Lucarelli.  There was one daughter John had that I didn’t have a name for.  It was Robin.  I sent Toni an invitation to see the tree on and, after she and her mom looked at it, she gave me some information that I didn’t have.  Armed with that information, and through the magic of, Google, and Facebook, I was able to fill in a large part of John’s ancester’s, along with pictures and dates.  Thank you Toni, for getting in touch with me!

Updated Tree

I haven’t made any updates to the Family Tree on this blog since I started this.  I have made quite a few changes, and additions, to the tree on  Unfortunately, there is no easy way to keep the tree updated in this blog, so today I just purged the entire tree, downloaded all of the updated information from, and uploaded the new information here.  There is now a new, up to date, Family Tree on this site.  Of course, just as always, this is a public blog, so no one can see information on anyone who is still living.  If any family members want to see what information I have on their family, or want to help out by supplying me information (hint, hint), just get in touch with me, and I can send you an invitation to look at the tree on, and I can set it up where you can see the information on living individuals.

I wish I could add the photos and documents to each individual in this tree, but that is just too labor intensive.  I have galleries that have quite a few of those, and ALL of the photos and documents I have are available on  If you like what you see, or even if you don’t, please leave a comment and let me know.