Genealogical Grand Slam!

Pasquale "Lillo" Chirico, Emy Chirico, Claudia Chirico, and Domenica "Mimma" (Mauro) Chirico

Pasquale “Lillo” Chirico, Emy Chirico, Claudia Chirico, and Domenica “Mimma” (Mauro) Chirico

Elisa Labrini

Elisa Labrini

This has been a great week for me, genealogically speaking.  In addition to the relatives I found on the Scocchio side of the family, I’ve connected with relatives in Italy from the Mauro side of the family.

In 1973, when I was 17, I went to Italy for a few weeks.  At first, I stayed with my mother’s uncle, Anthony Mauro, in Rome, and then I went down to Reggio Calabria to visit the rest of the family.  I stayed with my mother’s cousin, Gino Ficara, and while I was there, he took me around to meet the rest of the family.  I don’t remember exactly everyone I met, but two people I remember distinctly, Domenica “Mimma” and Teresa Mauro, who are twins.  The reason I remember them so distinctly is, at the time, they were in University and they both spoke English.  They were the only two family members in Reggio Calabria that spoke any English at all.

About a year ago I discovered that my cousin, Kathy, has been corresponding with Mimma via e-mail.  She gave me Mimma’s e-mail address and I wrote to her.  Mimma has been absolutely wonderful!  She went online, with the help of her daughter, Claudia (Mimma doesn’t speak English anymore), and looked at the Family Tree.  She wrote back to me, with corrections and additions to the family tree.  Because of her I was able to add about 100 of our relatives to the Family Tree.  Once I had updated information, I went on Facebook (which has become my genealogy go to tool!) and found Claudia and Emy Chirico, Mimma’s daughters, and Elisa Labrini, Teresa’s daughter.  Claudia, Emy, and Elisa speak English.  I looked through their photos on Facebook.  What wonderful families!  I loved seeing pictures of Elisa in just about every photo that Claudia and Emy put up, and seeing pictures of Claudia and Emy in just about every picture that Elisa put up.  It is so nice seeing a family so close.  I’ve already talked with Elisa, and she is going to get me pictures of the rest of her family.  The pictures you see above were copied from Facebook.

I love this journey of discovering relatives, and getting in touch with them and learning about their lives!

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