Ed and Andrea Maglione’s Trip to Italy

This past May, my cousin Ed Maglione, and his daughter, Andrea, took a 3 week trip to Manoppello and Scafa, Italy, and other European destinations.  Manoppello and the surrounding area is the part of Italy that my father’s side of the family came from.  Another cousin of ours, Silvana Cornelio, who I had just discovered and got in touch with, was born in Scafa and grew up there.  She lives in Massachusetts now.  She still has her house in Scafa and she was gracious enough to offer it to Ed and Andrea to stay in while they were in Scafa.  Silvana still has brother’s living there, so they were able to introduce Ed and Andrea to many cousins that we have that live in the area.  They showed them around the area, and showed them the church that many of our ancestors were married in.

Ed took quite a few pictures while he was there, and he shared some of them with me.  With his permission I have created an album on this web site so that I can share them with you.  The link is below.  I can’t thank Ed enough for sharing these photos, and Silvana for arranging for Ed and Andrea’s trip to be so warm and inviting!

Ed and Andrea’s Trip to Italy

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