Meet Julia Greco

Julia Greco Age 99

I just found out recently that my 2nd cousin 1x removed, Julia Greco, will turn 100 on July 13, 1917!  Pictured above is Julia on her 99th birthday.  Julia’s Grandmother, Carmela (D’Angelo) Talacci, was my Great Grandmother’s, Philomena (D’Angelo) Lucarelli, sister.  I knew of Julia, but I had never met,… Continue reading

The New Scocchio Family Tree

The Scocchio Family Tree

I’ve renamed this site “The Scocchio Family Tree Blog”, and I’ve started a completely new site called “The Scocchio Family Tree”.  I will continue to use this site to publish information about the family,  post photos, recipes, etc., but I’ve moved the family tree to the new site.  The new… Continue reading

Our First Centenarian!

Lucy Colletti

Today, my aunt, Lucy (Scocchio) Colletti, turned 100!  On Saturday, April 28th, we had the rare privilege of being able to gather family and friends to help Aunt Lucy celebrate her 100th birthday.  It was such a wonderful day.  Aunt Lucy had a wonderful time.  I know she enjoyed having… Continue reading