Elisabeth (Lucarelli) Bellano

Photo - Elisabeth Bellano Headstona

This is pretty cool. This is the headstone of my Great Grandfather’s sister, Elisabeth (Lucarelli) Bellano. No one in the family knew about her, or even that she had come to America. I discovered her about 2 years ago. She lived, and was buried, in Philadelphia, PA. Buried with her… Continue reading

Someone Found Me!

Well, this is a first, and a very pleasant surprise!  For the first time a relative found me.  I created this blog as an easy way for me to keep the family updated on my discoveries.  John Paul “Sonny” Lucarelli, Jr.’s granddaughter, Toni Nimmerichter, found this blog and got in… Continue reading

New Discoveries

Filemena "Fanny" Lucarelli

A few weeks ago I was doing some research on the Lucarelli side of the family, and I found some information on Nancy Lucarelli.  Nancy’s father was Anthony Lucarelli, my father’s cousin.  I didn’t have much information on Nancy, so I started digging a little further, and I found out… Continue reading

Sandra Jean Lucarelli

Sandra Jean Lucarelli High School Yearbook Photo 1965

While I was researching the family tree I discovered that my father’s cousin, Santini “Sonny” Lucarelli, had 2 children, Santini Jr., and Sandra Jean.  I was able to find quite a bit on information on Santini Jr., I even found his children on Facebook, but I could find absolutely nothing… Continue reading