Annina Scocchio, Marriage Certificate

I just received this marriage certificate in the mail today from the State of New York.  Annina Scocchio is my grandfather’s, Biagio Scocchio, sister.  She came to the United States with my grandfather and their nephew, Giuseppe Cremonese.  Biagio was 21, Annina was 18, and Giuseppe was 2.  It is… Continue reading

“Contact Me” Form

I was having some issues with the Contact Me form; it wasn’t sending attached files.  I’m pretty sure I have that fixed now, at least when I tried it from Diane’s computer everything went through just fine.  So, with that being said, please send me some pictures and scans of… Continue reading

New Talent

I just found out I have an extremely talented relative.  My cousin’s daughter-in-law, Amanda Polesovsky, is a photographer in South Carolina.  I just looked at her website last night and I was amazed.  She takes beautiful photographs.  I’ve added a link in the right sidebar, or you can click here:… Continue reading