More Information From Italy!

Antonio Mauro Mausoleum Marker

You may or may not remember, back in January I wrote about connecting with the Mauro side of my family in Reggio Calabria, Italy.  Today I got a great e-mail from my cousin, Claudia Chirico. She went to the Mauro Family Chapel in the cemetery of Gallina in Reggio Calabria,… Continue reading

Silvana Cornelio

This past week has been a veritable jackpot of genealogy discoveries for me.  First, I found Lillian Cremonese Maglione, the granddaughter of my great-aunt Marietta Scocchio, and Lillian’s son, Ed.  I’ve talked with both of them and we are keeping in touch.  Next, Silvana Cornelio, the granddaughter of my great-aunt… Continue reading

Lillian Cremonese Maglione

The Cremonese Family

I was just in touch with a new relative, Lillian Cremonese Maglione.  She is the Granddaughter of my Grandfather’s sister, Marietta “Marie” Scocchio Cremonese.  Her son, Ed, got in touch with me through LinkedIn, and gave me his e-mail address and phone number.  Lillian called me last night and we… Continue reading

New Photos 2!

I just received an e-mail from my First Cousin, 1x removed, Domenica “Mimma” (Mauro) Chirico.  Her father was my maternal grandmother’s brother.  When I went to Italy in 1973, I met Domenica, and her twin sister, Teresa, when I visited Reggio Calabria.  I remember them very well because they studied… Continue reading