Calling All Pennsylvania Lucarelli’s!

Giovanni Lucarelli and Family

Giovanni Lucarelli and Family

I need help!  I have some pictures of the NY Lucarelli’s, but the photo at the left is really the only one I have of the PA Lucarelli’s.  I would appreciate it if you could dig through closets, attics, basements, old photo albums, anywhere you might find old photos.  In the photo on the left is Giovanni Lucarelli, his wife Philomena (D’Angelo) Lucarelli, his son, Nicolino with his wife, and their 6 children.  This is the genesis of the Lucarelli Family in Pennsylvania.  There may have been other Lucarelli’s in PA first, but they would be, at best, distant cousins.  This is the first of our direct line.  I would LOVE to have pictures of any or all of their descendants.  If you can get the pictures scanned you can e-mail them to me at pitboss1(at)aol(dot)com (don’t want spam-bots picking up my e-mail address).  Thank you!

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