A Reproduction, Almost 80 years later

Then and now

Then and now

After my mother passed away, and my father finally moved to be closer to me, he and I went through all of his photo albums.  Years ago, when they were put into these albums, archival quality paper and plastic had not been invented, and these photos were showing it.  We took them out of the albums, cleaned them, scanned them, and put them into archival albums.  When I saw the top picture on the right, I asked my father about it.  He didn’t remember much, just that he, and a bunch of his friends, took a trip to Washington, D.C.  I’m estimating that this picture was taken about 1934.

In the summer of 2012, when we went to Washington, D.C. for my father’s funeral at Arlington National Cemetery, I wanted to recreate the photograph.  I didn’t know what the building in the background was but, fortunately, my brother-in-law Joe immediately recognized it as the Lincoln Memorial.

A few days later I took the family and we went into Washington, and started to walk around the Lincoln Memorial to try and find the right spot.  As you can see, we came very close.  I’m in the same position that my father was in.  This is my whole family, minus my daughter, Beth, who was taking the picture, and my grandson, Caden, who was in his stroller.

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