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Welcome to The Scocchio Family Tree

I’ve created this Blog/Website so that I can share the information that I have on The Scocchio Family Tree.  It’s not just about Scocchio’s, it will also include Ficara’s, Lucarelli’s, Mauro’s, etc.  In the left sidebar you will see a pull-down menu for categories.  Each last name will have its own category.  Just select the category you’re interested in, and it will show all of the posts that have been assigned to that category.  Or, alternatively, just under Upcoming Events is a category cloud.  Just click on the name that you are interested in reading about.

At the top of the right sidebar you can subscribe to this website.  Once you do you will get an e-mail whenever I update the site.  I promise you, that’s the ONLY thing I will use your e-mail for!

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Also in the right sidebar, just under the subscription area, there are 6 links.  The Scocchio Family Tree, The Shuler Family Tree, Ancestry.com, FindAGrave.com,  FamilySearch.org, and Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet.  Clicking on The Scocchio Family Tree will take you to my private site.  You have to be approved by me after registering, and I only approve family.  This site has a complete family tree for relatives to see.  Clicking on the Ancestry.com link should take you to my tree on Ancestry.com.  You might have to sign in to view it, but there is no charge to just have an account.  You will be able to see everything in my tree except for people who are still living.  If you want to be able to see everything just let me know, and I can send you an invitation that will allow you to see everything.

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Jeffrey Vincent Scocchio

Jeffrey Vincent Scocchio

Jeff Scocchio at the Scocchio Family Reunion, July 2000

It is with great sadness that I report that my cousin, Jeffrey Vincent Scocchio, passed away yesterday, May 15, 2017 at the age of 73. Jeff was a great guy, and a great cousin. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see him much growing up. For a while, after my parents had moved to Florida, Jeff and his wife, Maryann, moved close to them. It was great seeing them every time I went to visit my parents. I know my mother really loved having them down there. She loved Jeff and Maryann, and she loved debating various topics with Jeff. When Jeff and Maryann moved back to NJ, they moved close to my brother, Jack, so every time I would go up there to visit Jack, we would go over to visit Jeff and Maryann. I always looked forward to those visits.

Jeff, I’m so sorry that you are gone, but I’m sure that you are with your Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma, and my mother and father. I can’t imagine what you and my mother will be debating about, but I’m sure you two will find something! I’m hoping that Grandpa has a basement up there, and you get to go down there and grate the cheese! Rest in Peace.

Elisabeth (Lucarelli) Bellano

Photo - Elisabeth Bellano Headstona

Headstone of Lucy (Romano) Bellano, Antonio Bellano, and Elisabeth (Lucarelli) Bellano

This is pretty cool. This is the headstone of my Great Grandfather’s sister, Elisabeth (Lucarelli) Bellano. No one in the family knew about her, or even that she had come to America. I discovered her about 2 years ago. She lived, and was buried, in Philadelphia, PA. Buried with her are her husband, Antonio, and her daughter-in-law, Lucy (Romano) Bellano, who died a few days after delivering a still born daughter in 1923. I’m assuming the baby is in that grave also, although I have no proof of it.

What a Small World!

Photo - Melissa and Jerry MccueIt’s amazing what a small world it is. I was doing Family Tree research, and I discovered that I had a 3rd cousin who lives near Jackson, MS, my wife’s hometown. I did some more research and discovered, unfortunately, he died late last year. I found a phone number for his ex-wife, and called to to verify that he was indeed my 3rd cousin. He was. She also gave me information about his children. I looked up his daughter on Facebook, Melissa Mccue, and noticed that we had a mutual friend. Our mutual friend is T.c. Myers. He is a friend of mine from when I first joined the Navy. He introduced me to Diane Shuler Scocchio 42 years ago. Our first daughters were born on the same day, in the same hospital! I’ve been trying to get hold of Melissa Mccue to talk to her about the family tree, but so far no luck. What a small world we live in!!!

Meet Julia Greco

Julia R Greco Age 99

Julia Greco Age 99

I just found out recently that my 2nd cousin 1x removed, Julia Greco, will turn 100 on July 13, 1917!  Pictured above is Julia on her 99th birthday.  Julia’s Grandmother, Carmela (D’Angelo) Talacci, was my Great Grandmother’s, Philomena (D’Angelo) Lucarelli, sister.  I knew of Julia, but I had never met, or spoken, with her.  When I found out about the upcoming milestone, I called her.  She is an amazing women!  Just like my Aunt Lucy (who, you may remember, turned 100 last May.  She and Julia are 2nd cousins), Julia is as sharp as a tack.  She remembers my Aunt Lucy and Uncle Eddie going up to Endicott, NY to visit quite often.  She also remembers that my cousin, Barbara, lives fairly close to her, although they haven’t seen each other in years.

What is truly amazing is Julia lives alone, and she still drives!  She told me that she drives to the grocery store, and around town, but she won’t go out on major highways.  It’s truly amazing that anyone, not just a relative, can live this long and still have all of their faculties and most of their abilities.  I had a great conversation with her, and I’m sure that I will be talking to her more to get information for the family tree.

Welcome Elizabeth Antonia Carr!

Elizabeth Antonia Carr

Elizabeth Antonia Carr

I would like to welcome my newest 1st cousin 2x removed, Elizabeth Antonia Carr. She arrived into this world on January 16, 2017, and she is absolutely beautiful! She was born to Brian and Julie (Colletti) Carr. She has two big brothers, Matthew and Alexander, who I’m sure were very excited to meet their little sister for the first time. Congratulations Brian and Julie, you have a beautiful family!